I am Robert Arles, a developer and problem solver.

I am a senior test developer. My development and systems operations experience is fairly broad. I am the author of Betwittered (now long defunct due to Twitters shift away from it’s developer community). I’ve done development in Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and some Perl, etc. I’ve used Django, Play, TestNG & JUnit, Nosetests and then some. I’ve built a couple of test frameworks from scratch, and have used a couple of different methods to facilitate test bootstrapping. I have QA and test development experience with apps (, and ) using Selenium and Webdriver, and quite a bit of system/integration and and API test development. I’ve built out and assisted with the build out of many server environments.

Some of my experience covers:

  • Java, Python, C#, Selenium/WebDriver, TestNG, Unit and NoseTests
  • Python and Django, Java and Play
  • Apache and Tomcat
  • MySql, Oracle, MS SQL
  • Jenkins/Hudson for CI and Regression and production code deployments
  • Linux, Windows, Mac, Andriod, IOS
  • Selenium Server and Grid design, implementation and test use
  • Web Application development
  • Performance monitoring and alerting (tools and tool development)
  • Infrastructure design installation and configuration, AWS, EC2, Auto-scaling groups, etc.

In my free time, I’m currently developing micro-service/api based information and social-based internet applications, and playing a bit with natural language processing and Bayesian probabilities. I have a broad range of experience including Java + Play Framework / Tomcat, Python + Django, PHP, Selenium, systems architecture and design, sytems-operations, management and leadership.

I have created test harnesses and test suite frameworks. This includes use of Java, Python, TestNG, Nosetest, Jenkins, Webdriver, MySQL, and buildout of Selenium Grids. I’ve created various workflow tests, integration tests, api tests, testing tools, site and performance monitoring tests and utilities. I’ve lead and assisted in the creation and deployment of development, QA and production infrastructures. This includes details from continuos integration methods to the method of code deployment to production, and the creation of the dev, QA and production EC2 auto-scaling server environments.

Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertarles