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  1. Java Threading, a very simple introduction.

    Threading in Java is really fairly simple. At first, it really might not seem that way, but there aren't a lot of parts to a simple multi-threaded model. The difficulty only comes at later, more complex, stages of application development, such as controlling multiple threads sharing data and resources. That …

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  2. Rabot, My Personal Daemon, Shared on GitHub

    I've been messing around with a bit of code that will aggregate a bunch of little task handlers, each intended to take care of little things I'd like to automate for myself. Today, the primary functions in Rabot revolve around getting important weather updates to me. It's storing data locally …

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  3. PageLoadStats is now on GitHub

    PageLoadStats is a tool I wrote to grab performance and stats about web pages and chart the data in a simple and useful way. It also has the ability to send alerts when the page load times moving average gets past a configurable alert level. It’s written in Python …

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