I’ve been messing around with a bit of code that will aggregate a bunch of little task handlers, each intended to take care of little things I’d like to automate for myself. Today, the primary functions in Rabot revolve around getting important weather updates to me. It’s storing data locally in MongoDB and sending me tidbits about the weather that I find important via Twitter DMs, data specifically interesting as a motorcyclist since more extreme temps and rain are a big deal and require special actions for me. Today I added something interesting to me, the weather check now checks my current location by querying my iPhone and gives me local weather alerts if I’m a significant distance from home.

I’ll be adding some more features as I think of them, but currently want to add document and picture inputs and storage for special handling (like re-posting, OCR, etc.) and even for command and question handling so that I can get Rabot to do things on request.

The code is all out there to be browsed if you find it interesting or useful, comments and discussion are welcomed:

rabot on GitHub