Sauceutil is the result of my interest in checking out Go, and I was also a bit frustrated with the effort involved in uploading an app file to Saucelabs for Appium testing. The result is a quick, and hopefully simple, compiled command line utility. I added several features, but stopped far short of a full API client for Saoucelabs as the cost/benefit value quickly diminished as Saucelabs has a command line client written in NodeJS. I re-implemented some features simply becase Go programs are fast (especially compared to the initial load time NodeJS scripts can have) and a compiled Go app can be shared as a single executable file. Some of the implemented functions are upload, uploaded, getlogfiles, getjobs, and getjob. Installation is simple if you have Go installed: go get or grab the MacOS binary in the root of the repo at the Sauceutil Github page