Keyboard-backlight, A utility to control my Macbook's backlight

keyboard-backlight on GitHub I’ve been running the Beta MacOS (Catalina 10.5) and having unusually bad luck with it. I’ve been experiencing system hangs that leave the keyboard and mouse unresponsive. In response I’ve been booting from my Lubuntu partition most of the time, which is almost always fine with me (It’s what I’m using to type this post) One thing I’ve been frustrated by is that my keyboard backlight was not working in Lubuntu.

Sauceutil, A Command Line Saucelabs Utility Written In Go.

Sauceutil is the result of my interest in checking out Go, and I was also a bit frustrated with the effort involved in uploading an app file to Saucelabs for Appium testing. The result is a quick, and hopefully simple, compiled command line utility. I added several features, but stopped far short of a full API client for Saoucelabs as the cost/benefit value quickly diminished as Saucelabs has a command line client written in NodeJS.