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  1. PageLoadStats is now on GitHub

    PageLoadStats is a tool I wrote to grab performance and stats about web pages and chart the data in a simple and useful way. It also has the ability to send alerts when the page load times moving average gets past a configurable alert level. It’s written in Python ...

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  2. A Couple Personal Projects: NerdlyNews and PageLoadStats

    I have worked on several web based projects. I recently created NerdlyNews, which uses Bayesian logic to grab interesting news from sites that I really like. I’m using a wordpress front-end for that one, and the JetPack extension so I can have the output of the Bayesian algorithm posted ...

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  3. A Bit of Modular Web Design in Django

    I found myself creating a web page intended to display a set of data objects, each object similar in format. A pretty common need. The simple thing to do would be to simply iterate over the list of data in the django template, for example:

    {% for o in some_list %}
        <div ...
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